Super Tuesday Results

All across the media, Secretary Hillary Clinton is being declared the winner of Super Tuesday and that her competitor, Senator Bernie Sanders, is finished. Funny how that story is being told when we forget who benefits from the notion that Bernie Sanders will lose.

Please remember that the primaries have only just begun. Right now the secretary is only ahead by around 100 elected delegates, not including super delegates. The super delegates, or the party leaders in each state, can still change their mind on who they support. That means that this fight is still being drawn out and that the battle for the democratic nomination is still ongoing. I urge you not to lose heart as this election goes on. Either the Secretary or the Senator would make a terrific President compared to Donald Trump and fanatic Ted Cruz. As Democrats we need to vote to make sure that the Republican nominee, whoever that may be, does not secure the White House. If they do, you can bet that we can watch the country’s progress slip back decades. So do your constitutional duty and vote!!!


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